Long time Operations Advisor starting next adventure.

Ken Friesen

Ken Friesen will be leaving his role as operations advisor and Imperial in August to start his next adventure as a world traveller and doting grandfather. Ken has been with Imperial for 34 years and in the reseller business since the conversion to that business model in 2012.

Ken has been instrumental in developing the safety and operations program we have today. Many of you will have had Ken present at your safety or team meetings, worked on implementing Spence S2web, or reviewed an incident report. Maybe you had him provide some training for your team or benefited from insights on a site walk around. Or possibly you will remember Ken for his harping, OK encouraging, the use of the Stop, Think and Act tool to help stay safe.

Ken has also been working with outside organizations such as WSPS to help get the safety message to the public and your customers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of Ken’s experience and knowledge before he retires at the end of July.   He can be reached at kenneth.f.friesen@esso.ca