Fueling communities $75,000 give-away

As part of their 75th-anniversary celebrations, Dowler Karn Ltd is giving away $75,000 to 75 community groups in their local communities.  Organizations can be nominated for the program by community members or on their own.  Then the public in the area are encouraged to sponsor (vote) for the organization or cause of their choice on-line.

The organization must be part of the community where Dowler Karn does business and be involved in one of these five areas:  Activities & Sports; Arts & Music; Health & Wellness; Social Services or Civic Causes. The Fuelling Communities event is designed to address local needs and contribute to strong and vibrant communities, including our Indigenous communities.

The marketing goal for Dowler Karn with this campaign is to promote corporate, brand and product offering, awareness and recognition to our serviceable geography.

As of July 9, 2018 there have been some impressive results:

  • 115 projects have been submitted – with more coming in every day!
  • 50 of the projects with enough sponsors to be eligible for review by the Bursary Review Committee
  • 4,425 people have signed up to be sponsors
  • New users/visitors to the Dowler Karn website – 24,292

Stay tuned for a wrap-up of this unique promotion.