Tips for getting the most out of your community support

Whether you are using Esso community program funds, or supporting a local event on your own, it is important that you gain recognition for what you are doing. The objectives of sponsoring community events really come down to two things:

Reinforcing the commitment of you, the Esso-branded reseller, to the communities where your customers live and you do business while increasing awareness of your brand and the Esso brand.

Contributing to improved volume and market share through increased customer loyalty.

Planning ahead will allow you to make the most of your community spending. While you may not want to do all these items for all events, they are especially important with larger investments.

  1. Draft a media plan to boost visibility recognition (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, EBR intranet, Facebook, Twitter etc.).  Utilize the media’s free community service, if available.
  2. Verify the receiving organization has the up to date version of your logo and the Esso oval, do not assume they have the right artwork.
  3. Engage various team members to make the presentation on behalf of the EBR & Esso in person. Share dates in advance with your Reseller Business Advisor with an invitation to make a joint presentation, if appropriate.
  4. Share your experience with others in the EBR network by submitting an article to Excellence in Action newsletter.

The artwork to create your own oversized cheque is available.   This cheque can be printed locally and reused with various events.  Contact Jannell Scott for more information.

Money is not the only way to support a local event.  Perhaps they need volunteers, ask your staff, they may be excited to help out. If they do volunteer, perhaps you can provide them with T-shirts with your name on them.  For one event Imperial supported, we provided aprons to all the food volunteers (over 600 people) with the name of the event and our logo.  It is a lasting reminder of our support.  Fundraising events often need items for auctions.  You may have something with your name on it, or you can buy something from the Esso on-line store.

How have you supported your community?  Do you have tips to share?  Submit for upcoming editions of Excellence in Action.