The Importance of Community Involvement


For over 70 years McDougall Energy Inc. has been proudly supporting the communities that they operate in through the Community Investment Program.  For the McDougall team, community involvement comes in many forms. From local grassroots hockey/soccer/football team sponsorships, annual festivals, parades and tournaments to local charities, hospital growth initiatives and educational bursaries/scholarships, the McDougall Energy brand has been associated with a multitude of these types of events in many communities and towns across Canada.

Investing in the communities that we operate in allows our customers and other businesses to see that we are not only there to provide a service for them but to help the community thrive.  Getting involved in homegrown local activities puts a face to the brand for customers to connect with.  Nothing beats the energy level you feel in a sold-out arena in a small town on a Wednesday night or a local fishing derby full of young kids on a Saturday afternoon. The many thank you notes and pictures which we receive adds to the pride that the McDougall Energy team shares.

We could not provide the support that we do if it wasn’t for the resources available from Imperial. The Esso Community and Brand Elevation Programs allow us to reach even further into the communities we support and provides a stronger brand presence in those communities by utilizing both the Esso and McDougall Energy brands. There are so many creative ways to stretch the community investment dollars by fully utilizing these programs effectively.  Annually, we select initiatives to support on a corporate level that cover a broad range of services focusing primarily on Health Care, Education and Sports initiatives.  However, we also preserve funds to support local initiatives in the many towns and communities where we operate.

Our community investment program allows us to demonstrate to people of all ages and walks of life that McDougall Energy Inc. not only delivers Peace of Mind when it comes to the products and services they rely on us for but also through the ongoing support in the communities where they live!

Submitted by:

Cathy Heard, Corporate Marketing Manager, McDougall Energy Inc.