They shoot… they score!

With Esso Diesel Efficient.

The Esso Diesel Efficient sponsored media backdrop can be seen on local television, social media and interviews before and after every Prince George Cougars game!
The Esso Diesel Efficient logo is present at all the Prince George Cougar’s home games.

Gary Young Agencies has been working overtime to engage with the local Hockey communities in and around Prince George, British Columbia. A number of sponsorships with a local Junior A team, a midget hockey club, and the Prince George Cougars of the Western Hockey League have been immensely successful for our reseller. Media backdrops and logo placement on jerseys and at ice-level communicates how invested Gary Young Agencies is in their local community. Growing the awareness around Esso Diesel Efficient this way has increased brand visibility, grown interest around the product, and converted customers. Reach out to your marketing advisor to discuss potential opportunities within your territory today.