We do that!

Maritime Fuels has been working tirelessly to deliver excellence to customers and differentiate from the competition. A big part of what makes Maritime Fuels unique is their popular Commitment Plan. The Commitment Plan offers a 12-month affordable budget payment plan, automatic delivery, a no “run-out” guarantee of quality Esso fuel, 24/7 emergency service, a free annual cleaning, and no charge unlimited parts and labour coverage. 

Since July 1st Maritime Fuels has gathered over 3,000 (and counting) new delivery addresses. This in part is due to their dynamic sales team who work to ensure their customers’ need are met in a timely fashion.  

Maritime Fuels has gained brand awareness by actively pursuing different segments of media, such as, print, digital, social media, radio, television, theatres, elevators and billboard/transit ads. Launching their “We Do That” campaign in September, highlights all that they do at Maritime Fuels. One way to create content was to take aspects of the campaign and create a short series of videos that have been boosted on Facebook and LinkedIn for maximum impact. In addition to launching their Maritime Fuels Instagram account, they added a YouTube channel where you can watch our four cartoon commercials. These ads are also shown on the regional news television broadcasts as well as receiving airtime in Cineplex theatres.

Maritime Fuels is proud to co-brand with the strongly recognized Esso brand. We use the co-branded Maritime Fuels and Esso logo/ name whenever and wherever we can to leverage the trust and loyalty factor that is embedded in the Esso name. Customers need to know that Maritime Fuels is a brand they can depend on.