Helping Fort Mac rebuild

Doug and Mark Macdonald presenting a cheque to the Northern Lights Health Foundation.

Recently, Chinook Fuels and Imperial, on behalf of the Esso brand, donated a combined $100,000 towards the Northern Lights Health Foundation’s Gratitude Campaign. The funds will go towards the Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites Project to upgrade four of six operating rooms at the Fort McMurray hospital with state-of-the-art equipment.

These upgrades will result in quicker recovery periods and reduced surgery times.

It has been a year since the wildfires changed lives in Fort McMurray, and today businesses and residents are working together to rebuild the city, better and stronger.

Chinook Fuels has been in Fort McMurray for over a decade, and its owners, Doug and Mark Macdonald, have been there much longer. Contributing to the rejuvenation of the community is an important part of who they are and what they do, both through Chinook Fuels and their other businesses.

Classique Richelieu-Harnois

The 35th edition of the Richelieu-Harnois Classic, which took place on June 6 in Montreal, raised over $352K for the Harnois-Richelieu Foundation. This amount will enable the foundation to support the young and those in-need through organizations such as Camp Richelieu St-Côme, Maison Clémentine, Moisson Lanaudière, Camp Papillon, La Manne quotidienne and Tureen. The 2017 Classic had an additional goal to raise funds for the expansion of Richelieu Michel-B.-Comtois Building; with $185K being raised for this purpose.

The Harnois family and companies have been involved since 2001 and during that time this event has raised over $2 million! In the last year, Harnois Groupe Petrolier has formed a foundation to continue to raise funds and support various organizations in communities where they live and work. The Fondation Harnois-Richelieu was created with the goal of helping those in poverty and encouraging youth to develop to their full potential, be it on a financial, academic, cultural, athletic, social or emotional level.

Imperial is pleased to support the Richelieu-Harnois Classic through the Esso Community Program (ECP).

Introducing our NEW Excellence in Action Newsletter

Daphne NicolleWelcome to the first edition of the new, monthly Excellence in Action Newsletter. We are moving to a truly electronic newsletter, where the email portion will show the beginning of the article, and the entire article will be live on a blog attached to the Esso Delivers website.

We have made this move for a few reasons. The first was to have a more user-friendly platform that allows for the splitting of the articles between the email you receive and the new Excellence in Action “blog”. Will enable us to make items searchable, so when you are looking for articles on a specific topic in the future you can search all items written from August 2017 onward. We will keep the older newsletters on file on the Esso Delivers website, but we will not be converting them to digital format. The next reason for changing the format and frequency is to allow stories to come to you in a timelier manner. Over the course of the quarter you will get approximately the same amount of information from us, it will just be in shorter, more digestible portions. All of us are busy enough that shorter emails are better. The continued success of the newsletter relies on your input for articles, ideas and photos.

Over the next few months we will have articles on upcoming conferences, the safety contest, marketing and branding, and successes in the network. Stay tuned for the monthly Excellence in Action newsletter, the second week of each month. I hope you enjoy the new format and I look forward to your feedback.

Daphne Nicolle